Mo V Usain – Who Will Win?

Two of the most famous runners in the world thanks to London 2012, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt, have openly discussed running against each other in a charity race, expected to be around 600 metres. If this does take place, who would you expect to win? Mo would hold the edge as he regularly runs longer distances, though Usain has mentioned he does sometime run as far as 600 metres in training.

Most experts are backing Mo too. During the London 2012 5,000m race, he completed the final lap (400m) in just 52 seconds. When you consider that he had done 4,600m immediately before, that is very impressive. You should be able to estimate that he would shave significant time off that with fresh legs.

Bolt, on the other hand, has previously run the 400m at 45.28 seconds, which wouldn’t be good enough to get into the final at the Olympics. However, when you consider he has never trained for this distance, you again would expect him to be able to take some time off that. Bolt also has a habit of performing above expectations when it matters – in London he did enough to qualify in the heats, making people start to question if he really would win the 100m and 200m golds. When it came to the big race, he left the other runners trailing in his wake.

What are your thoughts? Will Mo cruise to victory or will Usain upset the odds?

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