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7 Places Around The Globe You Should Definitely Run

Every runner whether a seasoned vet’ or a complete beginner has a place they call their favourite. Also, it will encourage you to work a little longer and to push a little further with the promise of experiencing new horizons. One of the great things about running is, after you’ve got your basic kit, you can really make the most … Continue reading

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Yeovil Half Marathon Running Event at Yeovil TP

It’s always a worry when you organise an event that no one will attend. As a keen sports participant, and as manager of the Yeovil store, it is great to have the opportunity to work with sports clubs and races in the area local to the store. It gives us the opportunity to give a little back to our customers. … Continue reading

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Eight Reasons Why You Should Definitely Start Exercising This Spring

Feel Less Stressed – Reducing stress doesn’t have to involve a large glass of wine and a box of chocolates. Exercise can help combat stress through the release of endorphins, a chemical produced by your body which gives you that super-happy feeling. If you’ve ever hit the gym, or been for a run you’ll recognise the effects of endorphins, which … Continue reading

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