Train better for longer this summer; get more fruit and veg in your life.

Ramp up your training this summer by adding some extra fruit and veg to your diet – it’ll keep your body in tip top condition plus you’ll have more energy and recover more quickly before your next workout.

Here’s our top five…

  1. Cherries
    According to sources cherries are great post-workout for improved recovery time. They contain anthocyanins and flavonoids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so your muscles recover more quickly with less pain. A favourite with marathon runners before a race.
  2. Raisins
    Not just a feeble dried fruit – the raisin has been suggested as an alternative to the energy bar by many a sports nutritionist worldwide. They provide fibre, micronutrients and don’t have added sugar. It is said they increase the body’s metabolic rate burning fat more effectively than many energy bars.
  3. Sweet Potatoes
    A gem of a vegetable – the sweet potato gives the satisfaction of a normal carb-filled potato without the carb intake. They contain super-healthy carotene, iron, fibre and vitamin C for general wellbeing, plus high amounts of potassium which can help ward off cramping during exercise.
  4. Bananas
    A high energy fruit whose energy is derived from carbohydrate. It is a great pre or post workout fruit that gives you that little natural kick you sometimes need. They are packed with potassium too, so like sweet potatoes they help ward off cramp during exercise.
  5. Blueberries
    Blueberries are a so-called Superfood. Not only are they packed with standard vitamins and minerals essential for your general health and well-being they have some little hidden extras including vitamin K which is great for bone strength essential for long distance runners. Plus they contain lots of water essential for rehydration during exercise.

What fruit and veg do you eat pre and post workout? Let us know!

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