Don’t be an Easter Egg – 5 Easter Egg-Burning workouts

After a bit of well-earned time off over Easter it’s time to jump back on the fitness train. If you have gone way off track, here are five high intensity workouts which will whip you back in to shape in no time. Why not challenge yourself against your mates and make getting fit ahead of summer your goal?

Workout 1 – Spinning
It’s been around for a while but don’t overlook it – spinning is great for cardio fitness and is excellent for toning. A spinning class takes place on specially designed bikes led by an instructor who sets the pace, and resistance level at which you cycle. It is a class where you can put as much or as little in as you like, but rest assured, if you put a lot in to spinning, you’ll benefit heaps. A toned bum and legs as well as improved cardio and better core strength are just a few.

Workout 2 – HIIT
If you haven’t heard of HIIT, it stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT constantly changes the pace and intensity at which you work out meaning you burn more calories it also creates changes to your metabolism meaning you burn fat as fuel. HIIT combines periods of high intensity work with periods of low to moderate intensity exercise which pushes you to the upper end of your aerobic exercise zone. The great thing about HIIT, although it is a seriously tough workout, is the class length – as it is such high intensity exercise classes are often only half an hour. You’ll have burnt off your Easter Eggs in no time! What’s not to love?

Workout 3 – Power Yoga
Power Yoga, described by some as ‘gym yoga’ is a Westernised version of the high intensity Ashtanga yoga. It promotes the toning, fat burning effects of Ashtanga in a more Westernised setting with an emphasis on fitness rather than spirituality. If you are usually a gym bunny, or the other extreme, if the idea of the gym terrifies you, then Power Yoga is worth a try. If you practise it two to three times a week you’ll notice changes pretty quickly. The great thing is when you’ve been to a few classes you can pick out poses and practise them at home.

Workout 4 – Cross Fit
There has been an unbelievable increase in the popularity of Cross Fit. People have gone from couch potatoes to muscle bound gods and goddesses in months – there’s something about it which is just addictive. Whether it’s the element of competition, the variety of activity or the ease of access it is not obvious, but what is obvious is the Easter Egg burning potential. A gruelling combination of cardio and toning exercise – each club and routine is different. A Cross Fit workout might involve anything from pulls ups, push ups, running, skipping, weight lifting or squats. Based at a ‘hub’, Cross Fit participants can compete from a club level up to country level.

Workout 5 – Squash
Hiring a court is cheap and it’s an activity you can take part in with your friends. It is high intensity and can burn off some serious Easter Egg calories, over 800 an hour in fact. If you haven’t played before, head over to England Squash and Racket Ball for information on how you can get started. The great thing about squash is once you have your racket, shoes and kit it is a really cheap way of keeping fit. Court hire can be split and often comes in at a lower cost than an exercise class.

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