5 Reasons you should Teach your Children how to Swim this Summer

As we settle into spring there is one thing on every parent’s mind – booking that all important summer holiday. Following the money troubles that accompany Christmas and January, we finally start to see the light and look forward to a brilliant summer. With plenty of children’s holiday clubs to sign up to, activities to play and fun to be had, your kids could learn a lot from a week away in the sun.

One thing you should definitely consider this summer is to teach your children how to swim. There are tonnes of benefits attached to swimming that will benefit their health, fitness, social skills and state of mind. We have put together 5 reasons why you should teach your children how to swim this summer.


It is extremely important that your children work on their confidence in the water and learn how to swim in case of an emergency. Learning basic skills in the water such as treading water and how to float could be the vital skills needed to save somebody’s life some day.

Gentle on the Body

As a low impact activity, swimming is gentle to the body unlike other sports and activities such as running or football. Due to the low intensity, it means there is less chance of injury making it the ideal sport for your kids to partake in.

Health and Fitness

Swimming provides your kids with a full body workout, usually without them even knowing about it! Kids can soon get competitive with their friends seeing who can swim from one end of the pool to the other the quickest which will help them to . The best thing is, your kids get the exercise they need to be healthy and fit without the sweat and discomfort of most other sports.


Swimming could quite easily become a hobby that your child could then take up competitively. With enough dedication, they could even make it to the Olympics some day!


Of course, there are benefits for the parents too! Children often pine to join the latest dance class or karate session that could leave you out of pocket. However, swimming is practically free! Once you buy the bare basics which are fairly cheap, you can take your kids swimming on the ocean or in the hotel’s swimming pool for absolutely free!

At Tony Pryce Intersport we have everything you need to teach your kids to swim and let them have fun in the water. Below are a few of the essentials we would recommend.

swimming essentials for kids

Will you be teaching your kids how to swim this summer or will you be sending them to professional swimming lessons?

Posted in April 2014
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