So How Fit Are You?


Test your fitness level as a starting point for planning your exercise regime.

Test your fitness level as a starting point for planning your exercise regime.

Assessing your fitness levels

Why do fitness if you don’t have a starting point and can’t see your progression? I have chosen 7 different exercises to work out your overall fitness levels.

  1. Bleep test: This is a great way of testing your Aerobic capacity. Cones are placed out twenty metres apart. You have to run between these meeting the blast of a whistle. The whistle blasts get closer together so you start slow and then speed up as you go along.
  2. 100m Sprint: Our second test is a 100m sprint carrying a 5kg power bag on your shoulders. This is part of the fit test to judge your Speed and Power. This is suited to individuals who are usually explosive and strong.
  3. Vertical Jumps: Next we move onto Vertical jumps which are a Plyometric leg exercise. What a great way of using energy and burning people out.
  4. Press Ups: Press ups are next on the menu. These test your strength & endurance of your upper body muscles.
  5. Sit Ups: Sit ups are one of my favourite exercises. I love abdominal workouts!
  6. Burpees: Burpee’s are our last but one test. This is one of the hardest exercises and nobody likes them unless you are good at them.
  7. Plank: Last but not least, we finish with a core exercise. (Plank). The maximum time everyone can achieve on this is to hold for 3 minutes.

Have a go at this outdoor fitness test. The standard bleep test can be downloaded from the internet. Time the 100 m sprint yourself or get a partner to join in. Exercises 3,4,5 and 6 are maximum repetitions in 60 seconds.

Remember to do good technique otherwise it won’t count…

Also, ensure you have checked with your doctor that you can partake in exercise if you have experienced health problems.

For more information or questions, contact us at Commando Concepts.

Written by Michael Beards, Managing Director of Commando Concepts.

Posted in May 2014
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