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Fitness and Training Insight

Being a professional sports person means exercise and fitness are at the core of everyday life. This post is about the fitness, training and diet routine Somerset and England cricketer Jamie Overton.

On a typical day, how many hours do you train?

Where do you train?
At the county ground in Taunton.

Who do you train with?
I train with the [rest of the] team.

Describe five key exercises for a fast bowler?
My five key exercises would be squats, deadlift, hip-thrusts, Olympic lifting and core.

Describe a typical training session.
First of all I would get warmed up so my muscles aren’t cold going into the session. I would then do my main exercise, which, during the season for me, is squats. I would then do some upper body, so bench press and chins or overhead press and trx rows. After this I would do some core work

Tell us about your diet, which are your staple daily foods?
For breakfast I would have scrambled eggs and beans or an omelette. For lunch I would have a meat sandwich with a few vegetables and then in the evening I would have some more meat with some sweet potato and some veg.

Which foods are on the ‘do-not-eat’ list?
Takeaways and anything that has a lot of sugar or fats in them.

Is food prepared for you during training?
During the season it is prepared for us but in the off season it isn’t so we have to organise it ourselves.

What is your typical daily calorie intake during the season?
During the season it varies from day to day depending on how much I have bowled. For example if I had bowled 25 overs in the day my calorie intake would be higher than if I didn’t bowl. Numbers wise I would say about 2100 on a batting day and 2600 on a bowling day would be my guess.

Has turning pro changed your opinion of the importance of fitness and diet to your long term success as a sportsman?
Massively. If you’re not strong enough and don’t have that right fitness level you’re going to get injured and then you can’t do your job.

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Posted in June 2014
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