10 of the Worst Types of People you will find at the Gym

Whether you are training at your local community gym or a high class leisure club with the elite, every gym has them – ‘them’ being the gym clowns that cause distribution to your usual gym sessions. Fitting training sessions in around your family, career and social life is a hard enough task so when you finally get the chance to indulge in a bit of ‘me’ time the last thing you want is to bump into a set of individuals who irritate you.

Of course, we don’t let this bother us. Instead, we shot in our headphones, turn up the volume and use the annoyances surrounding us as fuel to help us run that extra 5km or bench press another 100kg.

From the ‘inconsiderate sweater’ who fails to wipe down equipment after using it to the ‘show pony’ who spends more time looking in the mirror flexing his biceps than he does lifting, we have put together the ultimate top 10 featuring the worst types of people you will find in the gym. Can you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments!


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Posted in July 2014
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