Strong IS the new skinny FACT.

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6 weeks to a stronger body!

Yes it’s true! In just 6 weeks you CAN get stronger, without the need for new clothes or equipment.  Do at home, in the gym or outside in the garden or park!  This yoga inspired routine is achievable for those with limited time or budget, if you want to shape up and take control of your health and see immediate improvements, in body and mind, then these few poses are for you!

Get results straight away with just a few minutes a day…invest longer and over the course of a few weeks your body will look more sculpted and feel more energised, not only you will feel the difference but others will see it too!

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Training functionally utilises major muscle groups and supporting muscles to stabilise joints and make you look leaner. Your body has more ease of movement, awesome posture and less aches and pains, your powerful and flexible.

Let’s start with the basics, Building strength does NOT need to be complicated or arduous!

Why is it good for you? Being strong is IMPORTANT, it is not how you look or what you can lift in the gym, look at it as can you lift your kids or your shopping? Being strong and supple is how you protect your body as you age…it is still being able to cut your own toe nails when you are old!

Accept the place where you are right now. It WILL change, you have to practice self care and patience. If you have a pre existing condition or health issue, get your doctors say so that these practices will be ok for you…if you can access it, get a health check or fitness test, book in for a consultation with a personal trainer or a class/one to one with a qualified teacher of yoga.

These poses should be done with calm relaxed breathing, relaxed shoulders and engaged ab muscles. Protect your back by not arching it too much, and don’t lock out your joints.  Bend your knees if you have tight hamstrings and if you are not able to do straight leg press ups, put your knees on the ground, elbows hug into your side, shoulders relaxed for press ups too.

If anything hurts, STOP immediately. Flow between poses, one breath per move to increase mobility, or challenge your stamina and hold for a few breathes, this is where you will see improvements as very quickly you will be able to hold for longer.

Check your form…in a mirror, compare against the photos here, or film yourself move so you can see where you skip bits or hang out in bad alignment or habitual unhealthy postures.

Make sure you don’t take it too seriously, relax your face, smile even! You become stronger as your body adapts to the demand you are placing. Mix it up with swimming, walking, weights, dancing…YOGA!  Diet and moving more = better health and fitness

Remember…you only need you, and a better way of thinking about yourself to create positive and lasting change. Learn to walk taller, move more gracefully and be more in tune with your body and mind. Make better choices and have more energy to live life to the fullest!

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Posted in July 2014
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