Body Blitz for your holiday… Quick fixes to look and feel better, inside and out!

yogaHoliday panic!!…you’ve had that holiday booked for what seems like ages, plans to shape up have been in your mind for months….or have you booked a last minute trip and are looking at the beachwear in horror!?

Think you have left it too late?! Look no further, help is at hand! If it’s 3 weeks, or just 3 days, you CAN make a difference, and you CAN decide to feel better about yourself.

Whilst I do not advocate crash diets and blasting out hours of exercise, especially if you are not used to it…there are lots of things you can do that are going to make you feel holiday ready, in body, and mind.


…getting massively stressed before you go will take the edge off the start of the trip, or make the journey even more arduous than it needs to be!  This is something you have planned for ages, or spent your hard earned cash on, let’s not spoil the run up.  This is where you can get excited about the adventure!

Start your day in the RIGHT way!  Get into holiday mind

This is an AMAZINGLY good habit to get into…before you get out of bed, even before you open your eyes, start your day with a positive intention, or think of something to be grateful for. Adding this little change to your daily ritual sets you up for the day in the right frame of mind…even if you get stressful situations happen to you further down the line, you can act calmly and make good choices, rather than have emotional reactions, which can set off comfort eating and the desire to hide on the sofa rather than exercise!

The first thing you eat or drink sets you up for the day…so drink hot lemon and ginger before anything else! Really, this works!

It sets up your taste buds for healthier options through the day, kick starts your digestion, and you feel mentally like you are placing your body and it’s health at the top of your priority list.

 Fit in 3 x 10 reps of these simple but HIGHLY effective exercises, before you eat!

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day…DON’T skip it!

Eat within the first hour of awakening, I recommend a protein based meal, nuts, yogurt, eggs…stay away from the sugary carb hit which will make your system slump mid morning.  Get some greens in…a green smoothie is quick and easy (see my previous blog for a yummy recipe).

Step out of the door feeling ready for the day, prepared to look after yourself!

Flower graphicFollow these simple steps on the countdown to holiday…

  1. Eat 3 healthy, nutritiously balanced meals, and eat at least every 3 hours to keep you metabolism regular.
  2.  Cut back on the booze..ideally cut it right out, drink water, herbal tea or fresh mint or ginger.  You know it makes sense and you can indulge on hols guilt free. *At least half an hour of brisk walking a day, 3 x 10 reps of suggested exercises 3 times daily, a couple of fitness classes if possible.
  3. Streeeetch…especially after a long day at the office or before/after exercise, ease out those aches and pains, your limbs and muscles will feel longer and leaner.
  4. Scruuuuub!  Buff your skin before you shower or bathe with fine sea salt, deep condition your hair, shave, do your nails, face pack…a good old pamper session (even you boys!).  It works wonders on your external self to help create peace internally.
  5. Start packing now!  It’s never too soon to get organised, you will feel less harassed and have more time for exercise and pampering.

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