5 Indoor workouts we ♥

iic_2013_fitness_04_20131205_1890195122Cardio Barre ®
A seriously  popular workout derived in California and followed by celebrities including Ashlee Simpson and Dakota Fanning. It is a low impact, high energy workout which combines barre work, as you would find in ballet classes, and light weights work in a continual motion which is designed to burn fat and sculpt the body. It is taught in a class environment and although not widely available outside of cities in the UK at the moment, this is definitely a trend which will keep on growing.

Antigravity Yoga
A cool combination of gymnastic techniques and traditional mat postures using hammock-like apparatus suspended in a studio – sound extreme? It is quite. It’s an excellent workout for your whole body which is incredibly fun. It’s a little like Cirque Du Soleil in a studio environment. It can be practiced by people of all ages and is growing in popularity and is gradually making its way out of the major cities.

Piloxing ® – Yes, you’ve guessed it; a fusion of boxing and pilates with dance thrown in to boot. It is a dynamic fusion of three disciplines designed to give you a great cardio workout which will strengthen and tone all over. It’s a relatively new class but is set to follow in the footsteps of Zumba, so expect big things. It’s a really fun workout which is full of variety to keep you interested.

Cheerobics ® – In the UK Cheerleading still has a bit of a bad rep’; think frat parties and Glee, but in reality it is actually a really brilliant workout. It combines gymnastics and dance and in one class you can burn up to 700 calories and classes the variety of manoueveres on offer ensures even toning.  It’s a great confidence builder and it’s virtually impossible not to have fun. It attracts a varied audience, so don’t be intimidated to try it out. And yes, you do get to use the cool pompoms too. Classes are held across the UK.

Pound – This one isn’t available in the UK yet, but it will be. Think neon drumsticks, think dance, think incredibly high energy and you’ll be picturing Pound. Devised by two female drummers Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, Pound combines cardio moves with strength training and drumming in an easy to follow format. Each 2 – 4 minute song has a routine attached to it which changes intensity to work your body effectively. It’s got cult-status following in the US so watch this space…

Posted in November 2013
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