10 Instagram Profiles Which Are Guaranteed To Make You Want To Get Fit

Instagram is a never-ending source of fitness inspiration. If you are having one of those days when you really can’t be bothered, head over to Instagram search #fitness or #healthyeating and you won’t look back. It has become a world wide platform for people from all corners of the fitness community  from total beginners to professional athletes to show off fitness accomplishments, share aspiration and to tackle fitness together.

We’ve recently launched our Instagram profile and whenever we’re there we like to have a little look around to see what inspirational posts have been shared. The transformations, stories and successes are infectious. You won’t want to make excuses any more. Here’s ten which we like; check them out for yourself and while your browsing let us know your favourite profiles, or, tell us what yours is and we’ll follow you.

Blog post - clean eatz


If you’re having an ‘I-want-to-eat-fish-and-chips-for-my-dinner-day’ you should definitely check out this Instagram profile. They promote clean eating; foods which have had minimal processing and have a simple journey from source to plate.

Clean eating will give you energy, reduce bloating, give you a complexion to die for and it can be really cheap as it makes the most of basic ingredients rather than expensive, packaged items. Cleaneatz has recipes in abundance – many of which are really quick to make too.







Blog post - Instafitnessfashion


It’s all in the name with this one. If you love sports fashion, you’ll love this. They have the latest of every cool bit of clothing you can imagine. This one is purely for lust-purposes and to plan your next gym outfit. There are so many cool pairs of Nikes on here it’s quite ridiculous. Use it as a source for your sports gear shopping list; think encouragement by reward – if you’ve busted a gut at the gym this week, have a little peruse and see what you fancy, Google image search and boom – you’ll find it!








Blog post - Blogilates


We often share workouts from the Blogilates YouTube channel. Casey Ho has a great, simple way of teaching pilates and is the embodiment of the benefits of healthy living and exercise, plus she’s a great source of constant, friendly encouragement. It’s all about spurring followers on by focusing on the positives – there’s no bootcamp grit here. The Instagram profile has some great inspirational quotes, a selection of videos and (randomly) some very cute furry pets. If you haven’t tried pilates before, it’s great for toning and relaxation, plus it’s an excellent accompaniment to a range of cardio exercises including running and cycling.








Blog post - Popsugarfitness

Popsugar Fitness

Great fitness vid’s, fashion tips, inspiration and recipes. Popsugar has it all; another one of our YouTube favourites, the focus is on fitness and fun. The workouts are gruelling yet you will be smiling all the way through. There are snaps of the Popsugar team and followers’ sporting endeavours too – from outdoor yoga, to long distance cycling, to pilates at home – they’ve got it covered. There’s an emphasis on getting fit with your friends too which we are totally down with as it can really spur you on and can transform fitness from a chore to enjoyable time socialising.








Blog post - adidasadidas

As a brand synonymous with sports royalty, luxe sports design and authentic street styling, we knew adidas’ Instagram profile was going to be impressive and we weren’t disappointed. Inspirational shots of athletes at the top of their field, combined with stunning imagery of obscure places around the globe peppered with wicked compilations of adidas clothing and footwear makes it one of our favourites on Instagram. It’s pretty impossible to not feel inspired after perusing their profile, so go ahead, lap it up.








Blog post - nike


As a brand Nike like to keep it clean and simple – their design is often less rather than more, with more white space than some people would be comfortable with but that is one of the big appeals. Their commitment to sport in whatever shape or form is phenominal. This is represented perfectly with their Instagram profile – a sea of breathtaking images of athletes from all corners of the globe combined with snippets of Nike design and sports fashion. It definitely gives food for thought – it’s almost about what isn’t said rather than what is.








Blog post - rugbygramRugbygram

Eipc shots, iconic moments, rugby-insider-views, comedy snaps – Rugbygram has all of them. It’s a Smörgåsbord of rugby content which will keep you up to date and in the know about all things rugby. This profile has many accolades but what makes it stand out is the variety of content including female rugby, youth rugby and grassroots rugby – it’s great to see both taking centre stage amongst rugby’s greats.









Blog post - yogabeyondYogabeyond

Okay, first things first, we’re not gonna lie, his and hers yoga on paper is probably a little too much to bear! Cheesiness aside though, and this couple is pretty amazing. The strength they possess, the unimaginable yoga poses they achieve and the general positivity they spread is impressive. The founders of ‘Acrovinyasa’ which takes yoga up in to the air adding a new dimension to vinyasa styles of yoga. There are some really fun, creative shots making the most of their surroundings – think leaning tower of Pisa or Sydney Harbour Bridge with some seriously strong poses and some awesome yoga wear. It’s hard to believe some of the poses they achieve aren’t Photoshopped.







Blog post - laurenfisher

Lauren Fisher

She’s 20 years old, an American college student, takes lots of #selfies and loads of #friendies so why are we giving her a shout out? Well, the difference is Lauren Fisher is RIDICULOUSLY successful at Crossfit. She only started it in 2011, or ‘properly’ as she called it, in 2012. She’s part of Team USA and competes around the world. The inspiring thing about Lauren’s profile is the combination of normal college student living with an insight in to the life of someone who takes sport very seriously. Crossfit has stormed the globe and it’s great to see  a young generation promoting the #FitNotThin ethos. Keep up the good work Lauren!







Blog post - salomon runningSalomon

These guys are extreme – we’re not talking a little, we’re talking a lot. When we first looked at the Salomon profile we thought “really??!!, are humans genuinely capable of this stuff??!!”. It’s great to have insight in to the lives of those who live on the wild side; packed with ultra-marathon runner photos, people ascending ridiculous mountains, balancing precariously and excessive (in a good way), amounts of mud. It’s a relatively new profile and is definitely one to watch. We especially love the feet views (have a look at the profile and you’ll see what we mean).

Posted in February 2015
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