Don’t have a date this Valentine’s? Here are 4 ways to beat the Valentine’s Blues.

140215 4 ways to beat the valentines bluesHit the gym

Obviously we are going to be biased, but hitting the gym for the workout of your life is not only a great distraction, but it also releases endorphins so you’ll feel super happy and won’t care that you have no date for Valentine’s.

Plus, there might be other singletons at the gym and it might be your lucky day!

Eat some (dark) chocolate
We are not condoning eating 5 bars of dairy chocolate whilst watching Eastenders but we are saying after you have eaten dinner on your own, treat yourself to a little bar of dark chocolate. It’s known to contain some pretty beneficial ingredients. Not only is it rich in iron and magnesium, it is said to help ward off hazardous free radicals in the body and to reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease. Also, allowing yourself a little of something every now and again can give you the little boost you need.

Attend a dance class
If you’ve always wanted to try out a dance class, why not have a go on Valentine’s night? Depending on the class you choose, you’ll get put with a dance partner by default so no more worrying about being all alone! Aside from that, it’s great for fitness and bone strength and is an excellent confidence booster, so when you are getting ready for any post-Valentine’s dates, you’ll feel a million dollars and look brilliant in your outfit!

Commit to joining a new club
If you really can’t face a night alone, why not see what your local sports clubs have to offer? You could try a new sport and meet new people both of which are positives. It can give you the confidence boost you need and provide you with a new social circle. There’s nothing more invigorating than taking part in something new – it could be the start of something special; the kind of relationship which is low in cost and high in fun! Have a peak at this list of sports clubs in your area.

How will you be spending Valentine’s 2015? In the gym or home alone? Let us know, email

Posted in February 2015
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