FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles – as Unique as You

FootBalance 100% custom insoles support feet properly in a neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct body posture, addressing a wide range of issues caused by foot misalignment.

Developed by medical professionals in collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and professional athletes, FootBalance provides a unique, personalised, professional foot analysis and 100% custom insoles, delivering natural foot alignment, cushioned comfort and a perfect fit every time in less than 10 minutes.

Fitted by expert Tony Pryce Sports staff, FootBalance 100% custom insoles provide:

  • Natural foot support & alignment
  • Customised cushioned comfort
  • The perfect fit
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better overall foot health

The Six steps to Footbalance


From Foot Assessment to Personalised Insole Moulding

1. Your arches are expertly analysed.

2. Pictures are taken of your ankles to analyse your foot alignment.

3. You stand on heated, unmoulded insoles that have been positioned on the pillows.

4. Our trained FootBalance expert moulds each of the heated insoles to perfectly fit your feet whilst maintaining the correct foot alignment.

5. Once your insoles have been individually moulded, our Footbalance expert ensures that they conform to the natural arch of each foot.

6. Your 100% customised FootBalance insoles are ready for use!

Analysing your feet and customising your insoles is just the beginning. We will also recommend the right shoes for your sporting and everyday needs.

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