Our Privacy Policy

We collect three types of information online: 
•    About you - the personal information you type in 
•    About how your computer is using our site - because we can track this using something called 'cookies' 
•    About your purchasing patterns - if you order on our online store 

The main ways we use this information:
•    To tailor how our site can help you 
•    To help deliver what you have asked us for 
•    To treat you more personally 
•    To maintain our records of you
•    To send you appropriate marketing communications, if asked to do so 
•    For analysis about how you use the site 

You are being asked to check a box to be provided with:
•    Tony Pryce information
•    Information from third parties which Tony Pryce thinks may interest you.
If you do not wish to receive this information, don’t check the respective boxes.  If you wish the information flow to stop, let us know at info@tonyprycesports.co.uk, and we will take you off the list.

To update your information please contact info@tonyprycesports.co.uk.

Under no circumstances will we sell your information to third parties.